Are you building a new home or updating your current house? As you select your materials to use on the exterior, don’t forget the soffit and fascia (the overhang of your home). The soffit and fascia are more than just a architectural detail, they actually play an important part in your attic ventilation.

The term soffit is used to describe the material that covers house eaves. If you didn’t have the soffit to cover the eaves, you would have bare rafters, detracting from the beauty of your home. More than just purely cosmetic though; when vents are integrated into the soffit, they help air and moisture to circulate in your attic.

The other portion of the eaves is the boards that cap the soffits and run along the roof, known as the fascia. What is so important about these boards? They protect rafters from the element, help to weatherproof your home and create a smooth edge that complements the roofline.

When choosing materials for your soffit and fascia, it’s important to not just consider cost but also the durability of the materials and how they will look with your overall design plan. If your soffit and fascia become rotted or damaged, it could impact the integrity of your whole roof.